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A toy fan's listing of collectible hard to find toys plus gifts and more...
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Barbie Dolls New & Old


Sealed and Used Barbies


Happy Birthday Barbie & Card


Choose White or Black

Barbie Doll African American Birthday

Each birthday Barbie wears a pink dominated colorful gown with tight bodice and confetti streamer skirt section.


She also wears a pink tiara crown atop her hair matching a girl-size-tiara included with set!


Happy Birthday card is a colorful, flowery, design and inscription created by children's author R. Renée Bembry.


Front of card reads, "Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Flower".


Inside card reads, "May your day be as floral as you always manage to be!"


Birthday Barbie Doll White

Happy Birthday Gift Tag is attached to box with soft pink ribbon.

Tag can be removed from box and taped or tied to wrapped Birthday Barbie doll.


A brush for Barbie's hair is also included.


This is a vintage 2008 Barbie.


Age recommendation is four and over.






Barbie Ballerinas

Barbie Dolls Fairy Ballerina




Each Barbie doll dressed in painted-on

outfits and wears crinolin skirts













Easter Egg Kelly Doll Black

Easter Egg Kelly Doll Barbie Little Sister African American




African American


Kelly dressed in pink and white bunny

suit that comes complete long rabbit ears

head band.











Easter Egg Kelly Doll White

Easter Egg Kelly Doll Barbie Little Sister African American




Caucasian White


Kelly dressed in pink and white bunny

suit that comes complete long rabbit ears

head band.












Barbie A Fairy Secret
A Fairy Secret Barbie Doll



2 in 1 Flip Open Wings let this Barbie doll go quickly from movie star to fairy!


Barbie's Fairy Secret wings are colorful with a basic pink, blue, and yellow background. They are filled with butterflies, stars, and glitter.

Transform Barbie into a fairy by pressing the

wing-raising gadget located on her back. Lower her wings by pulling the wing gadget.











Barbie Rock Star Doll

Rock Star Barbie completes with microphone and guitar as well as a head set. She wears black boots with pink lace, a dark choker, and a pink and purple outfit. The bodice is shiny and the skirt is overlapped with crinolin. Around Barbie's waist is a shiny black belt.

Her arms are adorn with purple and pink striped armlets.


Rock Star Barbie's guitar is pink. An image of a girl with a ponytail adorn the guitar base.


Barbie wears pink streaks in her long blonde hair.


This is an "I can be..." Barbie doll.

Age recommendation is 3 years and over.

Take Rock Star Barbie online for additional rocking play.

Mattel 2009

UPC 746775009205

Currently Sold Out!!






Barbie Backpack Plus My Little Pony Gift Set


My Little Pony Gift Set with Barbie Pink Backpack

Click for Details

Palm Beach Barbie 


Palm Beach Barbie Doll MattelPalm Beach Barbie always wears her painted on swimsuit. That way, she is already for the beach - the best place for a beach Barbie to be.

Dressing Palm Beach is cinchy! Simply pull other outfits right over her swimsuit. When she gets to the beach - simply take the other clothes off again. No need to re-dress Palm Beach in her swimming suit. Remember... she always wears it so she's always ready for a dip in the water!!

Palm Beach Barbie is a beautiful 2001 collector doll you can enjoy now!!








Wedding Gown Barbie

Barbie Doll Wedding Gown Vintage Collectible






Orange Dress Barbie 1966

Collector Barbie Doll Orange Outfit 1966











Mexican Barbie Doll

Barbie Doll Mexican Features Blue Outfit











Fun to Dress Barbie  

Fun to Dress Barbie comes wrapped in a towel as though she has just stepped from a shower or bath tub. Girls have loads of fun dressing Fun to Dress Barbie in her favorite outfits. Blue terry towel is embroidered. Barbie has her hair back in ponytail to keep it dry. Still, she manages to sport a cool pair of studs in her ears.


Add this 1992 collector Barbie to your stash - or - gift it to a special little girl!








Barbie and Ken Doll Puzzle


Click puzzle for better view... 

Beach Barbie Doll Puzzle Ken Dolls Surf Boards Sandy Setting 100 Pieces

Beach Barbie Dolls Puzzle includes five girl Barbies and two Ken dolls. All Barbies sport summery swim suits as they enjoy beachy sands with surfer Ken dolls in swim trunks. Puzzle by Mattel has 100+ pieces. Some puzzle pieces have unsual shapes. Click for more images and more info.



Pop Sensation Barbie

Pop Sensation Barbie Doll McDonalds Collectible African American Black   


















Children's Backpack Barbie Pink

Barbie Back Pack








Barbie Magic of Pegasus Board Book from Disney Movie





Smiling Kitty Cat Tote

Tote Bag Kitty Cat Design Cotton



Twister DVD Dance Game

Twister Dance DVD Game TV Plug N Play





Spiral Notebook Binder Pocket Folder Kitty Cat Design






Butterfly Diary Spiral Notebook Pocket Folder Black and Pink