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A toy fan's listing of collectible hard to find toys plus gifts and more...
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Littlest Pet Shop Pets LPS
So cute!

Butterfly Hampster Bird Horse...


LPS pets and accessories on this page come
with drawstring pouches. Current pouches
depict beautiful butterfly design. Material is
soft cotton flannel. One side of pouch is plain
and the other side is patterned.

Pouches are hand-crafted at time of order
and may come with corded drawstrings or
ribbon drawstrings. Exact pattern detail
may vary.

 Introduction To Toy Collecting

This introduction to toy collecting is
simple because all required to begin
a toy collection is seeing a toy you
like and deciding to collect it. If
you're  thinking about possible funds
a toy collection could draw in the
future, you could even collect toys
you don't particularly like. You
should be aware, however, that
monetary growth is not guaranteed
in the field of toy collecting. In
furtherance, collecting toys you
actually like is much more fun.
There are a slew of avenues
through which you may become
enamored with a particular kind of
toy. For examples, you could spot
a cool toy while...
Read more HERE

Enlarge pouch to see more images.
! ! Best Seller!! Most Popular ! !

Currently Sold Out...

How to Stop A Puppy from
Chewing on Shoes

A puppy chewing things it should

not chew can prove costly for pet owners and hazardous for a puppy.


Whether a  puppy bites books,

toys, shoes, or other small items

lying around the  floor, those

things are often destroyed, or

at least, ruined in appearance.

In order to make your home

safe for puppies who

sometimes chew objects

that cause them injury you

will need to teach your puppy

what is and what is not

appropriate fo...
Read more HERE


Currently Sold Out...

Currently Sold Out...

Plants That Attract Butterflies

Butterflies are so fascinating to watch

that people immediately pause to see

them whenever they appear over their

yards. Most of the time, however,

butterflies fly away nearly as quickly

as they appear. When this happens,

their hasty departures leave fascinated

gardeners and other onlookers hungry

to explore more butterfly wingflapping.

Butterfly fans want to see close up views

of butterfly wing patterns, lengthy

antennas, and small little faces.

The problem is butterflies need
certain  types of plants to survive.
Some of these plants provide nectar
for mature butterflies and other plants
provide food for butterfly larvae...
Read more HERE

Currently Sold Out..


Currently Sold Out..

How To Prevent Cat And Dog Bites

"If it has teeth, it can bite!"

That's this author's philosophy.

Cute little poodles, handsome Great
Danes,  Siamese, calico, and angora -
most humans recognize these titles
as names of dogs and cats and can
envision either of them without
hesitation. As animal lovers, many
of us would instinctively stoop
over and impose our affections
on the aforementioned canines
and felines - their brothers and sisters
as well. However, displaying affections
too quickly, sometimes, even after
months or years of owning pets, from
time to time leads to unexpected
pet bites...
Read more HERE


Happiest Fuzzy Vampire Bat


Hasbro cute LPS vintage vampire bat hanging from green tree limb adorned with pink flowers. Bat feels fuzzy to touch. One of the most popular Littlest Pet Shop characters!

Comes with bat mask.


This a Special Edition Pet Shop bat from 2008.

Recommended ages 4 and over.


Made in China.


Last One!!

Package has been taped over due to wear but bat and accessories have never been removed from this vintage LPS bat.


UPC 653569369387

P/N 6836660100




EnLarge LPS Shopping Mall

LPS Shopping Mall Carry Case

* Mall includes individual stores
* Mall folds in half so collectors can use it to carry as well as to store their LPS pets and accessories.

* The case is durable cardboard.
* Places to visit in the mall include -

  • Movie Theater
  • Pet Food Court
  • Pet(Candy Shop
  • Pet Pharmacy
  • Pet Party Room
  • Pet Hair Salon

* LPS Pet numbers are 1685-1694 and include – Butterfly, Poodle, Bunny, Flamingo, Puppy, Nurse Cat, Mouse Magician, Horse and more :}!

              * Each pet comes with accessories!
Currently Out of Stock...
Disclaimer... Please note that LPS pets at this site have
been identified to the best of the webmasters ability.
Actual species could be different.
 See more Littlest Pets HERE















How to Get Webkinz Codes


When using secret codes

to adopt Webkinz animals,

players officially name the

pets, decide whether they

are girls or boys, and bring

their friends to life.

Once adoptions are

complete, owners and

their pets can explore the

interactive Webkinz world

by playing games,

completing activities,

sending messages,

and more.

Owners also receive

special presents just for

their individual pets once

the adoption process is


Getting Webkinz codes is
cinchy because codes are located...