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Yummi Land Dolls
Scented Fashion Dolls

Scented Dolls from MGA Yummi-Land Collection



MGA Yummi-Land DollsYummi-Land collector dolls are as sweet as they smell and their pets have luscious scents as well. The various types of Yummi-Land doll sets consist of Ice Cream Pop Girls, Sundae Pop Girls, Candy Pop Girls, Soda Pop Girls, Flower Pop Girls and more.


The larger dolls come in twist open soda bottles that convert into banks for saving coins. The smaller dolls come in twist open bottles as well, however, the smaller bottles are intended to be used as doll stands. With that said, collecting coins in the smaller bottles is easy to do by removing the bottle caps to drop coins into the bottles; as opposed to dropping change through the larger bottlecap slits. All the same, however, girls will want to remove the bottle tops anyway in order to read secret messages written inside the caps.


Other things the different Yummi-Land dolls have in common include bobble head pets, hair brushes, special head bands, delicious sounding names, and age recommendation for kids four-years-old and over. These collector doll sets are from 2008 and 2009. Sold out sets remain listed for visitors seeking information on particular dolls.


   Take a few..........     Make a set.........


                                               Ships to United States Only!

   Yummi Land Sundae Pop Girls :}
Click dolls to get more info and see larger images ;]Doll Name/Pet Name

Special Item

Prices on SALE! :}
Natty Nutty Sundae Doll & Macy Maple Cream PetNatty Nutty Sundae

Macy Maple Cream
Ice cream sundae
purse, lip gloss, and head band, plus a gift tag.
Natty Nutty Sundae Happy Birthday Tag
Natty is decked out in blue and peachy outfit and her pet wears a flowered hat. She sports short length blue bowed orange boots. Vintage 2009...





Currently Sold Out!

   Candy Pop Girls :}
Click dolls to see larger images ;]Doll Name/Pet NameSpecial ItemPrice
Taryn Taffy Doll & Bridget Black Licorice  SkunkTaryn Taffy

Bridget Black Licorice  Skunk
 Purple brush with white stripes and swirls and red bow, blue candy ball purse, plus a red, white, and blue headband. Lip gloss is taffy flavored.
Taryn wears a red, white, and blue sailor inspired outfit with a crinoline skirt and a red button at the waist. Her shoes are red and blue with ankle straps and her pet wears a red ribbon bow.



Currently Sold Out!

Ruby Red Licorice Doll & Fifi Fortune Cookie Pet Panda
Ruby Red Licorice

Fifi Fortune Cookie  Panda
Red and white striped brush with blue bow, red purse with white dots and blue bow, twisted red and white head band with blue crinoline, and strawberry licorice lip gloss.
Ruby wears a red and white leotard covered with a red and blue crinoline skirt and a puffy red ball at the waist. She also wears red and white ankle belted shoes and red streaks through her long dark hair. Her pet wears a red ribbon bow. Vintage 2008.


Currently Sold Out!

 Katie Cotton Candy Doll & Giddy Gum Drop Pet PigKatie Cotton Candy

Giddy Gum Drop Pig
Lollipop brush, cotton candy head band, hard ball candy purse, and cotton candy lip gloss. Her outfit includes a fur like pink and white striped top, and a pink crinoline skirt. She wears pink and white bowed shoes with ankle straps and her pet wears a bowed white ribbon. Vintage 2008.






Currently Sold Out!

Cara Caramel & Tuki Cookie DoughCara Caramel

Tuki Cookie Dough
Lollipop brush, twist wrapped caramel head band, candy ball purse, and caramel lip gloss. Cara is decked out in blue, purple, and brown outfit with crinoline skirt. She wears blue and pink bowed shoes with ankle straps. Her pet wears a pink bow.  Vintage 2008.







Currently Sold Out!

Lucy Lollipop - Piper Peanut Butter
Cheetah Lucy Lollipop

Piper Peanut Butter
Lollipop brush, twisted wrapped candy head band, hard ball candy purse with lollipop lip gloss. Her outfit is blue, orange, yellow, and hot pink outfit. Her feet sport pink and yellow bowed ankle strapped shoes. Pet wears yellow bowed ribbon. Vintage 2008.








Currently Sold Out!

   Creme Soda Pop Girls ;}
Click dolls to see larger images ;]Doll Name/
Pet Name
Special ItemPrice
Priscilla Vanilla Creme & Melly Melon
MonkeyPriscilla Vanilla

Melly Melon

Creme star-flowered brush, brown cap with flower head band, vanilla soda striped purse with vanilla lip gloss. Priscilla is decked out in a creamy colored dress with a crinoline slip and sequined bodice. She wears cream colored shoes with ankle straps and her pets wears a cream colored bed necklace plus a creme dotted ribbon bow. Vintage 2008.

Currently Sold Out!
Oriana Orange Creme & Holly Honey
Huskey DogOriana Orange

Holly Honey
Huskey Dog
Orange slice brush with blue handle, orange slice head band, orange soda with cherry top purse, and orange lip gloss. Oriana is dressed in two tone orange outfit with a layered skirt and a blue ribbon sash. She wears a orange boa with an orange ribbon and sports blue and orange bowed shoes with ankle straps. Her pet wears a purple bead necklace and a blue ribbon. Vintage 2008.






Currently Sold Out!

 Christmas Holiday Doll

Paris Peppermint Creme Doll & Ginny Gingerbread Husky Pet Dog

Paris Peppermint Creme

Ginny Gingerbread Husky
 White brush with gingerbread deco and candy cane handle, red and white stripe hat with crinoline veil, candy striped purse with peppermint lip gloss. Paris is decked out in a lovely red dress, white gloves with red ribbons, and gold ankle strapped shoes. Her dress has fur under the chin area and her pet wears a red ribbon bow.








Limited Edition!
Currently Sold Out!

Candy Coconut Creme & Posy Popcorn PoodleCandy Coconut Creme

Posy Popcorn Poodle
Coconut colored brush with flower and purple and white striped handle; creme soda pop purse with coconut lip gloss, and white coconut hat with colorful specks and large purple bow.
Candy wears a white dress with colorful specks, a boa with a soft yellow ribbon and purple and white ankle strap shoes. Her pet wears a purple bead like necklace and a soft yellow bow. Vintage 2008.







Currently Sold Out!

Carrie Cherry Creme & Betsy Bubblegum
BunnyCarrie Cherry

Betsy Bubblegum

 Stem handled cherry fruit
brush, striped cherry soda purse, cherry top crinoline
laced head band, burgundy
dress with pink sash, pink bowed shoulder wrap, plus
two toned burgundy and pink shoes with ankle straps, cherry lip gloss. Her pet wears a pink collar and a pink bow.






Currently Sold Out!

   Soda Pop Girls ;]
Click dolls to see larger images ;]Doll/Pet NameSpecial ItemPrice
Gaby Grapelina Doll & Mimi Mango Calico Cat

Gaby Grapelina

Mimi Mango

Calico Cat

  Brush has grape fruit design and a large green leaf and a purple handle. Gaby's headband is shaped like a bunch of grapes and her purse has grapes, leaves, and a purple handle plus grape lip gloss.

Gaby is decked out in a purple dress
with orange and white designs. She wears purple and orange shoes with ankle straps. Her pet wears a purple skirt and a silver tiara headband.

Currently Sold Out!

    Ice Cream Pop Girls ;]
Click dolls to see larger images ;]Doll/Pet NameSpecial ItemPrice
Renee Rainbow Ripple Doll & Paulina Pralines PenguinRenee Rainbow Ripple

Paulina Pralines
 Ice cream cone
head band, purse, and brush, orange lip gloss, hot pink orange, purple, and gold outfit with matching orange
knee high boots. Pet wears ice cream cone hat.

Currently Sold Out!

Renee Rainbow Ripple Jumbo Size Doll & Large Paulina Pralines Pet Penguin

This Renee Rainbow Ripple doll is roughly

12" - 13" and comes with her friend Paulina

Pralines Penguin.

Jumbo Size 13 Inch Renee! 







Currently Sold Out!

Rachel Raspberry Swirl & Palamo Pistachio
Polar BearRachel Raspberry Swirl

Palamo Pistachio
Polar Bear

Pink, cream, and purple swirled

brush with cherry, pink and purple swirled headband with grape deco, pink and purple swirled purse with raspberry swirl lip gloss.

Rachel sports a cream and hot pink swirled dress with a sparkled hem and knee high pink boots.
Her pet wears a raspberry ice cream cone hat.







Currently Sold Out!

Betsy Bubblegum - Susie Sprinkles SealBetsy Bubblegum

Susie Sprinkles Seal

Pink Ice cream cone with a cherry on top brush, pink ice cream cone with white bubblegum balls and a black bow headband, pink ice cream cone with cherry purse with bubblegum lip gloss.

Betsy checks in wearing pinkish purplish skirt with a white sleeveless top and black bow. She wears white knee-high boots and her pet seal sports a ice cream cone on its head.

UPC 035051356141







Currently Sold Out! 

Mindy Mint Chocolate Chip Doll & Sadie S'More Saint Bernard Dog

Jumbo Size Doll!!

13" Doll!!



Mindy Mint Chocolate Chip

Sadie S'More
Saint Bernard Dog

Mindy Mint wears a soft blue dress with black polka dots that represent chocolate chips and comes with a matching headband with ice cream cones and a painted on buckled belt.

Her pet has big floppy ears.







Currently Sold Out!

    Flower Pop Girls ;}
Click dolls to see larger images ;]Doll/Pet NameSpecial ItemPrice
Dixie Day Daisy Flower Pop Doll & Parker Pansy PetDixie Day Daisy

Parker Pansy

Yellow flower designed brush with green leaves on white handle, daisy flowered headband, flower bouquet purse with daisy lip gloss.

Dixie sports a yellow flowered dress with ribbon straps, and yellow strapped high heel shoes.
Her pooch pet wears a yellow skirt with a big white bow and a yellow crown.







Currently Sold Out!




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